Dry Hydrotherapy is the use of rotating and pulsating water jets pushing heated water along the entire spine.  This is utilized to relieve pain and stress, as well as increase blood circulation and range of motion.  Dry hydrotherapy is signified by CPT code 97039.

Electrical muscle Stimulation is used to stimulate injured areas to decrease pain and muscle tension which will increase ROM.  It will also decrease muscle spasms while improving blood flow and circulation.

Cryotherapy, or the use of ice packs, is used to decrease inflammation and pain.

Intersegmental Mechanical Traction is used to stretch ligaments and muscles, reduce muscle spasms, increase blood flow.  It assists in passively helping to restore normal ROM in the spine.

Chiropractic Adjustments restore the proper alignment of the spine allowing the nervous system to operate at its maximum potential.  Adjustments restore mobility in joints and decrease pain. 

Therapeutic Exercises are used to teach the patient how to maintain proper ROM in the spine and extremities to ensure proper healing around the joint.  Joints that heal with scar tissue around them hindering the proper ROM of the joint will eventually break down possibly leading to more problems in the future.