Our Approach

At Sandia Injury Center, we specialize in the care and treatment of individuals with injuries that occur from auto accidents, work-related injuries, slip-and-falls and more. Dr. Neitzel will examine and diagnose each patient thoroughly and develop a treatment plan individualized for each patient. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, therapies such as electrical muscle stimulation, intersegmental mechanical traction, dry hydrotherapy, cryotherapy and therapeutic exercises are also provided.   

We also provide maintenance care for patients that are looking to improve their quality of life. Whether it’s suffering from headaches, chronic pains, or you just need an alignment, Sandia Injury Center will help you get back to living and functioning to your best capability.

If needed, we may refer patients out for X-rays or MRIs to further diagnose. We may also refer our patients back to their primary care providers.

Pain isn’t normal and we don’t’ want you living with it. Pain is just a symptom of an injury or another problem that needs to be addressed.